Addons for YetiForce
Permission inspector
Inspector provides quick access to user permissions. All users of the system are transparently presented together with their corresponding permissions to particular modules or records.
Module's most important 
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Clear and coherent overview 
Before this module was developed, a regular user could not verify permissions of other users. Now, it is possible instantly and all users and their permissions are presented in a form of a table.
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Single click
If you want to check permissions, you will not have to navigate to a separate page or module. The Inspector is built-in and when you click the icon, a pop-up appears and when you close it, you will be on the same page as before. 
Two levels of monitoring
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Permissions can be monitored on two different levels: module and record level. Not only do you know which user can access the module, but you can also check access to specific records. 
Permissions preview
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Before the Inspector was created, users had to approach an administrator each time they required this type of information. Now, thanks to this addon, it is possible instantly and without the need to ask the administrator.
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Quick access 
Permission inspector

We encourage you to watch the video presenting the Permission inspector. At your request, we can also send you a link to the test version of the module.

All funds collected from selling this module are going to be spent on the development of YetiForce.