Disable YetiForce Branding

Personalize YetiForce CRM branding by changing the data displayed in the system. Add essential information to the generated documents, enter your company's data in the footer, or set your own links to social media profiles.

Disable YetiForce Branding allows you to remove links of YetiForce social media profiles from the footer of the system and replace them with links to your company's social media profiles. This will allow you to personalize the appearance of the YetiForce system so that application users don’t see redundant information in the footer. In addition, you will also disable the producer's footer in all e-mails sent by the system and PDF printouts generated by the system.

Note: This addon doesn’t disable all YetiForce branding links that can be found in the system. Please refer to the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information before you purchase the service.

  • Remove references to YetiForce's social media from the footer and substitute them with your own links
  • Remove the producer's footer from system emails
  • Remove the producer's footer from PDF printouts
per month
For ≤20 users
per month
For 21 - 50 users
per month
For 51 - 250 users
per month
For 251 - 1,000 users
per month
For >1,000 users

FAQ: Everything you need to know about "Disable YetiForce Branding"

» Will the "Disable YetiForce Branding" service remove all references to YetiForce branding that can be found in the CRM?

No, this service is not a substitute for what's commonly known as "white labelling" and won't remove completely all information about the system producer. This service will allow you to remove some of the references from the users' views. 

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