YetiForce Password Security

YetiForce launched a server with more than 1 718 938 851 passwords that were leaked as a result of database hacks all over the world. The database currently takes up 300.18GB space, and the average time to search for a password in the database is 0.00295 seconds.

Using this extension will allow you to verify passwords in real time (while creating users, changing passwords, logging into the system) and will warn you if a password that is being currently used has been compromised and should be changed immediately.

Only password hashes (SHA1) are exchanged between your system and our server. We don’t store any information about the system, user, or login; moreover, we don’t record the IP address that sent the request that includes the password hash.

Keep in mind that using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), as well as allowing access only via trusted IPs or encrypted VPNs will also significantly increase your system security.

  • Real-time verification
  • Compromised password warnings
  • International password database
per month
For ≤20 users
per month
For 21 - 50 users
per month
For 51 - 250 users
per month
For 251 - 1,000 users
per month
For >1,000 users

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Everything you have to know about YetiForce Password Security

» What database does YetiForce Password Security use?

The base currently uses the following sources:

  • pwned-passwords-sha1-ordered-by-hash-v6 - 572,611,621
  • RockYou2021 - 1,276,948,346