1. PDF Preview

It is a widget that allows you to preview a system generated PDF document straight from the record summary view. Thanks to this widget you will be able to preview an invoice or any other PDF document directly from the record, without having to save it on your hard drive. This solution will significantly facilitate the work of users responsible for issuing and sending PDF documents, and the accounting department employees who won’t have to download all invoices in order to view them.
  • Quick PDF preview
  • Widget in record summary
  • Option to quick send by email

2. Updates

It is a widget that allows you to view the history of user activity. It will let you review all activities that have been performed on records in the system in a given period of time by all users. The widget contains numerous advanced filters that will help you search for individual activities. e.g.

- searching by the user who made the changes

- searching by the owner of the record where the changes were made

- filtering by time interval

- filtering by activity type

  • Preview record acrivity
  • Includes all records in modules
  • Advanced filters
per month
For ≤20 users
per month
For 21 - 50 users
per month
For 51 -  250 users
per month
For 251 - 1000 users
per month
For >1000 users

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