Module access - basic information

YetiForce provides two options for setting permissions to records. You can select public access that allows all users (who have access to this module) to see all records, or private access that defines new visibility rules (by default everyone sees their own records and users higher in hierarchy see their subordinates' records). Permissions can be changed in the admin panel: "Software configuration" and select "Permissions" and "Module access".
To begin with, we will present a public profile. Below is a simple example of two accounts created by two users. Public access is set by default, so both accounts are visible for both users and you can see it in the screen below: 
01If you do not want users to have access to records added by other users, you need to change it to private. These settings can be modified in the admin panel in "Software configuration". Select "Permissions" and "Module access" from the menu. 
02Then, select the module from the list (in this example we choose "Accounts") and change preview to "private" by clicking on a grey dot. Records in modules, which are marked as private, are visible only to users who created them and people higher in a hierarchy or those with created exceptions. 
03After performing this activity, click "Apply new sharing rules" in the upper right corner or at the bottom of the screen. Now users see only records they created. 
04Users who are higher in the structure of an organization always see records of their subordinates, whether they are set as private or public. 
05If you want to undo the changes, you need to go back to the admin panel and select "Software configuration", then "Permissions" and "Module access" and choose one of the options for public view of the records. In YetiForce, there are three types of public access: 
  • Public: Read only - it only allows to view records created by other users without an option to edit or delete them. 
  • Public: Read, Create/Edit - it allows to view and edit records created by other users, but it doesn't allow to delete them. 
  • Public: Read, Create/Edit, Delete - it allows to view, edit and delete other users' records.
Once you have selected a required public profile, click "Apply new sharing rules" and the documents will be visible to users again. 
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