The installation process has failed

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This article provides instructions on what to do when the system shows the message "Invalid session ID" at the beginning of the installation.



What does the message "Invalid session ID" mean?

"Sent session ID does not match the one received from the server. We recommend clearing your browser cache, and if that does not fix the problem, we recommend correcting your server configuration."

The error often appears when there are or there were several CRM instances in different CRM versions on one address. Different CRM versions have different cookie configurations and therefore sometimes the session ID cannot be updated during installation.

This can be checked in the browser console:


How to repair invalid session ID

The repair is simple, it is required to delete the browser cache or delete all cookies for the domain (which the system is running on).

Pay attention to delete cookies for HTTP and HTTPS !!!





How to clear the browser cache for only one domain

You can easily remove all browser cache, but how to do it for one domain only so as not to lose all data?

In the development tools, it is possible to view and delete the cache. Each browser may have removal options elsewhere.

More details can be found in the article How to clear browser cache?


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