Types of event-handlers

Below you can find a list of event handlers that allow to perform additional actions when certain operations are executed so there is no need to modify base functions. 

Operations on records

  • vtiger.entity.beforesave.modifiable
  • vtiger.entity.beforesave
  • vtiger.entity.beforesave.final
  • vtiger.entity.aftersave
  • vtiger.entity.aftersave.final
save for inventory-type modules
  • entity.inventory.beforesave([$recordModel, $inventoryFieldModel])
  • entity.inventory.aftersave([$recordModel, $inventoryFieldModel, $insertData, $summaryData])
  • vtiger.entity.beforedelete
  • vtiger.entity.afterdelete
restore from bin
  • vtiger.entity.afterrestore
delete relations
  • vtiger.entity.beforeunlink ([$CRMEntity, $entityData, $sourceModule, $sourceRecordId, $destinationModule, $destinationRecordId])
  • vtiger.entity.afterunlink ([$CRMEntity, $entityData, $sourceModule, $sourceRecordId, $destinationModule, $destinationRecordId])
add relations
  • vtiger.entity.link.before ([$CRMEntity, $entityData, $sourceModule, $sourceRecordId, $destinationModule, $destinationRecordId])
  • vtiger.entity.link.after ([$CRMEntity, $entityData, $sourceModule, $sourceRecordId, $destinationModule, $destinationRecordId])
convert Lead to Account
  • entity.convertlead.before ($entityvalues, $user, $leadInfo)
  • entity.convertlead.after ($entityvalues, $user, $leadInfo, $entityIds)

Operations on groups

delete a group
  • vtiger.entity.beforegroupdelete
save a group
  • vtiger.entity.aftergroupsave

Operations on users

delete a user
  • vtiger.entity.beforedelete
save a user
  • vtiger.entity.aftersave
  • vtiger.entity.aftersave.final
logout a user
  • user.logout.before

Operations on import

end import of records
  • vtiger.batchevent.save
delete imported data 
  • vtiger.batchevent.delete

Operations on picklists

change picklist value name 
  • vtiger.picklist.afterrename
delete picklist value 
  • vtiger.picklist.afterdelete

Operations on views

Record preview
  • tiger.view.display.before
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