#2 Requirement cards


When a quote inquiry is complete and there are no more questions for the customer, a requirements card can be created directly from an inquiry level. Such a requirement card organises all expectations of a specific customer regarding your products/services. It is essential, because information from a customer is often spread throughout a company and a requirements card should contain only precise demands so a calculation can be prepared. 

In practice, the system allows a separate access to an inquiry and to a requirements card so a person who prepares a calculation has only the most important information. 

Field descriptions

General information

  • Subject - a field that describes a requirements card. If a card is generated from an inquiry level, this field will be filled in automatically with a subject from a quote inquiry. 
  • Stage - a field specifies a stage of a requirements card; after performing basic activities and proceeding to a closed stage, it allows to further undergo the sales process.
    • Waiting for verification
    • Verification process
    • Gathering information
    • Internal consultation required
    • External consultation required
    • Waiting for reply
    • Declined - the sales opportunity is lost and a requirements card is closed and a rejection reason is set the same as in case of a requirements card. An opportunity is also closed only if there are no other active requirement cards related to this specific opportunity. After selecting this status, a record cannot be modified [can enter data in related modules].
    • Accepted - after selecting this status, a record cannot be modified [can enter data in related modules].
  • Opportunity - a field that relates to the Opportunities module [relation type 1:M - uitype10]
  • Quote inquiry - a field that relates to the Quote inquiries module [relation type 1:M - uitype10]
  • Decisive factors - various factors for various stages.

System information

  • Number - unique and automatic requirements card number.
  • Created time - a system field that is automatically generated when a record is added. 
  • Modified time - a system field that is automatically updated each time a record is changed.
  • Closed time - a system field that is automatically filled in when a record receives a final stage status.
  • Updated - a system field that is filled in automatically and indicates that a record owner read all changes performed on this specific record. 

Sharing information

  • Users sharing - a list of users who can access this specific requirements card. Inheritance works regardless of company organisational structure.
  • Information inheritance - if this checkbox is ticked, users specified in the field above will not only have access to a requirements card, but also to related information, e.g. comments, documents, emails. 

Description details

  • Description - a text field with wysiwyg.
  • Comments - a text field with wysiwyg.


  • Summary
    • Fields widget
    • Stage field widget 
    • Comments widget
    • Related email messages widget
    • Related documents widget
    • History widget 
    • Text field widget - description
    • Text field widget - comments
  • Details

Related modules

  • Comments module
  • Documents module
  • History
  • Email messages
Additional tools
  • Generate a calculation
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