#3 Calculations


If all required data has been entered to a requirements card, a new calculation might be created directly from a card level. Calculations allow to prepare many different types of quotes or many components of one quote. It is common when a few employees prepare a calculation independently. A calculation can also be presented in a form of an additional attachment so a customer can analyse every detail of a quote. 

Field descriptions

General information

  • Subject - a field that describes a calculation.
  • Stage - a field that specifies a stage of a calculation; after performing basic activities and proceeding to a closed stage, it allows to further undergo the sales process.
    • Waiting for verification 
    • Verification process
    • Internal consultation required
    • External consultation required
    • Waiting for vendor quotation
    • Waiting for customer's reply
    • In preparation
    • Declined - a rejection of a calculation closes an assigned opportunity and the reason for rejection is recorded, the same as it would be in calculation. An opportunity is closed only if there are no other active calculations related to this specific opportunity. After selecting this status, a record cannot be modified [can enter data in related modules].
    • Accepted - after selecting this status, a record cannot be modified [can enter data in related modules].
  • Opportunity - a field that relates to the Opportunities module [relation type 1:M - uitype10]
  • Quote inquiry - a field that relates to the Quote Inquiries module [relation type 1:M - uitype10]
  • Requirements card - a field that relates to the Requirement Card module [relation type 1:M - uitype10].
  • Decisive factors - various factors for various stages.

System information

  • Number - unique and automatic calculation number.
  • Created time - a system field that is automatically generated when a record is added. 
  • Modified time - a system field that is automatically updated each time a record is changed.
  • Closed time - a system field that is automatically filled in when a record receives a final stage status [declined or accepted].
  • Updated - a system field that is filled in automatically and indicates that a record owner read all changes performed on this specific record. 

Sharing information

  • Users sharing - a list of users who can access this specific calculation. Inheritance works regardless of company organisational structure.
  • Information inheritance - if this checkbox is ticked, users specified in the field above will not only have access to an inquiry, but also to related information, e.g. comments, documents, emails. 

Description details

  • Description - a text field with wysiwyg.
  • Comments - a text field with wysiwyg.

Products and services 

  • Product/Service name
  • Quantity
  • Estimated selling price
  • Estimated purchase/production price 
  • Margin - system field [percentile and valuable]
  • MenH - a required amount of time needed for a product/service to be produced/performed.
  • Total - a final price
  • A field with comments for a product or service


  • Summary
    • Fields widget
    • Stage field widget 
    • Comments widget
    • Related email messages widget
    • Related documents widget
    • History widget 
    • Text field widget - description
    • Text field widget - comments
  • Details

Related modules

  • Comments module
  • Documents module
  • History
  • Email messages
Additional tools
  • Generate a quote
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