Data archiving


We added a mechanism for making back-up copies in YetiForce. It is used mainly to make copies of data (files and database) on a regular basis. These files are saved in a /backup directory. Administrators often forget that making copies is not the same thing as data archiving (or they do not understand the difference between these two processes) or what is even worse, they modify YetiForce system without making a back-up copy. 



A proper configuration of the database server is an important element within the system implementation process. This article does not describe the configuration procedures but highlights a few crucial points in optimizing a server environment. These guidelines are not mandatory, they are suggestions that result from many years of experience within the IT environment:

Slow connection to the mail server

01mail server sync

Slow connection to the mail server is one of the issues on GitHub [found at: https://github.com/YetiForceCompany/YetiForceCRM/issues/318]. Over the past few months, a few customers that optimized YetiForce system to its limits have notices slow access to the mail server. The description below results from the experience gained during the deployments of the system in large companies.