Access data to the YetiForce system

If you are a YetiForce user and you have a problem that you would like to report to us as part of SLA, we need some basic information in order to quickly handle your issue:

1. Address to your CRM and access data (login and password). The account must have administrator permissions
2. Access data to FTP or SFTP with read and write permissions for files: 

  • server address
  • port
  • login
  • password
  • encryption method (e.g.: FTP by TLS)
  • a path to your CRM

The server configuration must always comply with the current configuration requirements that can be found here. If your server fails to meet the requirements, it can cause system errors and debugging won't work. In order to verify the configuration, you can use a built-in tool, which is available here
3. Access to database: 

  • database address
  • port
  • login
  • password

Access to the database must be possible for an external client, which means there must be external access to database or SSH access to tunnel the connection. 
4. Optional - if access to your data requires VPN - please specify the name of the program that you use to connect to the VPN and data used for its configuration (address, port, login, password and other information required by the program, e.g. certificate). 

Once we complete your order, change your access data and deactivate external access in accordance with good security practices.
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