Adding translations via Crowdin

YetiForce CRM joined Crowdin. It’s a platform that allows you to do translations through a visual interface. It is free to join and makes it much easier to translate the system into other languages. We have prepared a short guide explaining how to add translations step by step.


1. By clicking on the flag you select the language you would like to start translating.

A list of files will be displayed along with a translation status bar for each file.

2. Click the “Translate All” button in order to translate phrases one by one.

2.1 If you would like to translate only one file, click on it on the list.

3. In the panel on the left, you can see all available phrases

Phrase statuses:  Untranslated Partially translated (in case, some of plural forms are not translated) Translated Partially accepted (in case, some plural forms are not approved) Accepted Hidden (visible only for project managers and proofreaders)

By clicking on the phrase on the list, you can add the appropriate translation:

Underneath, a list of suggestions from an auto-translator is displayed. If it is correct, just click on the floppy disc icon. The translated phrase will be automatically saved.



4. It is possible to evaluate already translated phrases in the “Voting mode”.

You can vote whether the translation is correct (+) or not (-).


5. Additionally, you can add comments to phrases.

More information available hereYou can also see the video tutorial or read the documentation.

  • środa, 16 styczeń 2019