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Deactivate users in the system

If you want to block access to the system for some users, you can do in the Users module. Go to the admin panel by clicking a "Software configuration" button and select "Permissions" and "Users".

Dependent library licenses

Each large business application uses a number of dependent libraries, and each of these libraries saves time and resources that may be used for other parts of the system.

Descriptions of labels for GitHub issues

We have discussed how to build a community around an open source project and what is the best way to communicate with community members. There are many tools available, e.g. mailing lists, discussion groups or chats but we selected GitHub as it provides many opportunities and tools. It seems unnecessary to provide many different communication tools because they may scatter the community members. Instead, we decided to have one common place for everyone where the entire community can work together, communicate and develop.

Dlaczego zgłoszenie zostało zignorowane?

Jeżeli zgłoszenie na GitHub otrzymało etykietę Category::Ignored a Ty się z tym nie zgadzasz, to warto zapoznać się z tym artykułem. Poniżej spisaliśmy wszystkie przypadki w jakich oznaczamy zgłoszenie jako zignorowane.

Dodatek do programu Outlook

Dodatek został zbudowany zgodnie z Office Outlook Add-in (Dokumentacja), który umożliwia pokazanie w panelu okna przeglądarki z CRM.
Dzięki takiemu rozwiązaniu nie została powielona implementacja całego CRM w Outlook, zamiast tego CRM jest tylko pokazany i zintegrowany z pewnymi funkcjami Outlook-a.
Implementacja umożliwia korzystanie z wszystkich funkcjonalności YetiForce CRM w Outlook.

Artykuł omawia najważniejsze kwestie związane z dodatkiem Outlook do systemu YetiForce CRM, dlatego ważne jest aby przeczytać go w całości i zastosować wytyczne aby dodatek działał prawidłowo.

Email notifications mechanism

The article describes a mechanism used to send email notifications related to changes entered in various records.

Enable cron

Cron is a Unix daemon that triggers other programs periodically. It uses crontabs to save information about cron tasks that will be enabled. It is recommended to use it in Linux, but if the same file will be added to the scheduler in Windows, it will also work. In practice, YetiForce can perform certain tasks automatically with cron and trigger them in the background. 


Godziny pracy

Godziny pracy to moduł konfiguracyjny, w którym można ustawić godziny pracy firmy i zespołu. Dodatkowo umożliwia określenie domyślnych czasów dla konfiguracji do wyliczeń czasów stanów rekordu.

How does the YetiForce system detect vulnerabilities?

The tool checks if there are any vulnerabilities in external libraries that need to be removed. The functionality requires an internet connection as it sends information from composer.lock to an external service. The built-in security mechanism in the current version connects to the dedicated YetiForce Security service (https://security.yetiforce.com).

How to add a document with an attachment via Rest API

version: 6.2 and later

The article describes how to add a new entry with an attachment in the Documents module via Rest API.

How to add an image via Rest API

version: 6.2 or later

This article describes how to add images via Rest API in fields that support such files in YetiForce CRM.

How to change the YetiForce logo to a custom one?

System customization is extremely important as it allows for creating a system that is more fit for its users, especially if we want to change the basic elements like the logo. By default, the YetiForce logo is placed in a few places in the system. If you want to know how to customize it - this article is for you.

How to clear browser cache?

Clearing browser cache is a very useful step that should be performed after updating the system in order to make sure that the pages are displayed correctly and that the old cache files don't cause problems.

How to configure Portal

One of the elements of the portal installation is to configure the system so that the portal is ready for use. The tutorial shows how to properly configure your system.

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