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B2C vs B2B - in marketing


Many users often ask whether the system is dedicated for B2B or may it also include B2C. If you look at it from a business point of view and analyse marketing processes, you realize that these groups are nearly the same, because you have to perform similar actions to win them. In this article, we will only focus on the marketing aspect, because in the sales process there are different considerations and are addressed in a separate post.  

B2C vs B2B - w marketingu

Czy system YetiForce jest przeznaczony dla B2B, czy też dla B2C? Ten artykuł odpowiada na te częste pytania uzytkowników.

How to enter new leads?

01 leads

The question seems trivial, but it is necessary to remember that there is a certain type of philosophy embedded into the system and has an impact on other processes. If a lead is not marked properly at the beginning, it can cause undesirable effects. We recommend reading this article that describes in details module mechanisms and logic.

Jak wprowadzać leady?

Artykuł opisuje mechanizmy i logikę działania modułu Leady, oraz proces poprawnego wprowadzania Leadów do systemu YetiForce. 

Leady - informacje podstawowe

Baza leadów to początek procesu sprzedażowego i działań marketingowych, które wpływają bezpośrednio na całą organizację.