YetiForce Number System

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The right number system is a very important component. Many well-developed systems, which have been on the market for many years, have their number system not in the right order. By creating our own version of the software, we have the opportunity to organize everything. Below is a description of the YetiForce number system.

General description

Numbering will be in X.Y.Z format where X, Y and Z mean integers from zero upward.
1. Priorities of symbols
  • X - represents the release of a new version of the software that contains innovative changes in comparison to the last version.
  • Y - represents an update of version X with minor changes to improve functionality of software. 
  • Z - represents frequently updates that fix minor bug or patches within the software. This change may be a small or a big patch, but there are no migration packs released between different Z versions. Z changes can be viewed on GitHub. Update packs are built in such a way that by default they don't make changes, which were loaded earlier. 
Particular symbols (X, Y and Z) grow independently, but the improvement of symbols to a higher order causes the symbols of a lower order to reset, e.g. when 1.5.435 version is changed to 2 version then it is presented as 2.0.0. Every new version (update) of the software has to increase the numeration X.Y.Z. 
  • Z symbol [preliminary version] - Every new change in the software will cause an increase of this symbol. This way testing patches to improve the YetiForce software will be introduced. It is essential to mention that migration packs will not be published between particular Z versions (YetiForce will not publish any tools that help to easily change between Z versions).
  • Y symbol [tested version] - When YetiForce decides that Z versions added to GitHub are stable and the community will not report any errors influencing the safety and stability, then the next Y version is released and has a greater number than the last Y version and clears Z numeration.
  • X symbol [final version] - Every few months, YetiForce will release a production version with patches that were reported in Y and Z versions. This will be the final version and the producer will release migration packs together with it.

Update pack

It is a set of patches that contains changes from Z or Y.  When changes from Z are introduced the update pack helps to change to the newer Y version. When changes  from Y are introduced then the update pack contains different packs that were released together with Y versions and this set of packs helps to update to X version. YetiForce will not release update packs for Z versions. Update packs always help to change versions from a lower to a higher version. In practice, it means that if the software administrator would like to change from e.g. 1.3 version to 1.6 version, then they will need to install update packs with 1.4, 1.5 and then 1.6. There is an exception when X is marked with  0. This means that there will be no migration packs released if the X version is not greater than one. A 0 version might be assumed to be a version that is prepared to be released. 

Software life cycle

Symbols X.Y.Z are clear enough and no other symbols such as alpha, beta, rc, rtm will be introduced. The software administrator will often introduce Z versions with fixes that were reported and are necessary to work with the software.  Z versions will include functionalities that are essential for the business perspective, but will be introduced in newer versions in a few weeks time. 1.X.X is an exception, because it will be marked as an RC version up to the 2.0.0 version. 1.X.X is a stable version, but every software requires time and numerous implementations before it can be named as software, which have been tested and verified in real working environments. That is why it is recommended for large corporations to deploy 2.0.0 version of YetiForce.
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