How to change the YetiForce logo to a custom one?

System customization is extremely important as it allows for creating a system that is more fit for its users, especially if we want to change the basic elements like the logo. By default, the YetiForce logo is placed in a few places in the system. If you want to know how to customize it - this article is for you.

The problem

There are several places in the YetiForce CRM system where the default YetiForce logo can be found. This article will explain how we can customize the logos that the license allows us to change.

The solution

Customize the login screen logo

The first place where the YetiForce logo is visible is the login screen. This is a very sensitive window, therefore it shouldn’t include any redundant information (due to security), and it should clearly state who the system belongs to.

okno logowania

The YetiForce system allows you to change the default logo to any other image. In order to do so go to Software configuration → Permissions → Roles. When you hover over the element at the very top you will see an image upload icon. When you click on it you will be able to upload a new logo.


Customize the menu logo

The logo that you can see at the top of the menu, next to the currently logged in user’s name can be changed in Company → Departments. All you have to do is select your department, then, using the edit button ✎ in the right upper corner edit the record - first remove the current logo and then upload a new one. After saving your changes the new logo will be visible in the menu.


  • Monday, 30 March 2020