An open and innovative CRM system

YetiForce system was created for companies that look for customized and flexible solutions with a wide range of configuration tools
and a user-friendly interface.  Our company independently tests the system through numerous safety environments
in order to provide a reliable system for large and medium-sized companies.

open source
Modern design
Intergation with CRM
Starting screen
14 modules
open source
40 user modules
50 configuration panels
Built-in email client
Marketing, Sales, Projects, Support, Teams
Calls from CRM
History synchronisation
Notes synchronisation
Shared calendar
Shared contacts

What you need to start!

  • The newest stable version of YetiForce CRM.
  • Professional web hosting or your own dedicated web server.
  • Basic IT knowledge to upload the CRM to a server and run the installation.


The installation of YetiForce is similar to the one in other systems, e.g. Joomla, Wordpress, SugarCRM. It’s enough to download only one file from GitHub, unzip and upload to a web server. If your company doesn’t have an IT person who will be able to meet the challenge, you can contact us and we will eagerly install it on your web hosting. More information about the installation process can be found in our documentation.

If you would like us to install the system for you - send us an email!!! 

YetiForce - A Brand That Can Be Trusted.Our system meets the diverse expectations of our customers. All changes introduced to the system are an effect of a close
cooperation with customers and with an incredible YetiForce community.

Testimonial I

Over two thousand improvements and enhancements.

The system is more stable and easier to use.
Testimonial II

Several dozen of new panels and configuration scripts.

You can achieve a lot more without having any IT expertise.

Hundreds of new changes available monthly.

New modules that make CRM more powerful.

We boost the competitiveness by building new functionalities.
Testimonial III

Brand new interface and processes.

Be today where your competition will be tomorrow.
Testimonial IV

YetiForce CRM is recommended if you...

  • value flexibility in allocating your time and resources - we will service you.
  • expect quality products that work consistently - we use mature tested software.
  • are open to taking advantage of free software - this is where you get the quality for less money.

Something even more than exceptional software!
It's the people at YetiForce

We design innovative CRM systems that are dedicated for large and medium sized companies. We dedicate it to everyone who values open source software, security and innovation. We have years of experience creating tailor made CRM software for a variety of different companies.
We know exactly how to create a system that fits your company needs, from drafting the plan, extracting the data to demonstrating the system in your offices. We are eager to meet with you, to learn your needs and prepare an offer that is more than just exceptional software.

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