User documentation

Below you can find a set of articles that describe the YetiForce CRM user panel. Descriptions of modules and functionalities help to better understand the operation of the system, and thus to better use its potential.
Virtual desk

Virtual desk (2)

Information and tools displayed on a Virtual Desk help in current work and present the most important information in a simple form.

Sales (6)

The sales process in YetiForce CRM described step by step

Accounting (0)

A collection of tools to help you manage the finances of an organization.

Logistics (0)

Advanced management of storages and storage documents.

Companies and Contacts (1)

The central place in the system for collecting contact information
Project Management

Project Management (0)

Planning and management of projects, milestones and tasks.

Tools (5)

Descriptions of additional tools such as filters or widgets in YetiForce CRM.

Marketing (1)

Articles explaining the key issues related to the marketing process in YetiForce CRM

Support (1)

Create knowledge base, documentation and automate communication with accounts.

Organization (0)

Information related to employees, their working time and the management of the organization's resources