Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. The list will be updated on a regular basis and will be a compilation of questions from GitHub as well as questions sent directly to our company via e-mail. We hope that the answers will be comprehensive and at high substantive level.

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Community questions
Will YetiForce remain Open Source?
Yes, we aren't planning to change that. Although YetiForce is already very competitive and it sometimes even surpasses enterprise versions of popular CRM systems, we aim at developing our open source CRM to the extent in which it will become the best open source system in the world. We want our community to benefit from our product and be a part of it at the same time.
Why can't I install a module on the test version?
This restriction applies only to our testing version. It increases the security and stability of a testing version. Versions downloaded from GitHub have all functionalities enabled by default.  
Where can I buy support packages and additional modules?
All the paid services and products can be found in our store - YetiForce Shop
Both, the support and the addons, are available in Polish and English.
We offer a wide range of products, that includes modules, hosting, and support.
We cordially invite you to visit our store!
What version is my CRM?
In order to check it you need to login as an administrator. At the bottom of the page as part of the footer you will see the software version number, e.g. ver. 1.3.0 RC
What license is YetiForce published under?
YetiForce is published on the basis of YetiForce Public License. This type of license is favorable for an end-user because is based on MPL. A detailed description of the license might be found in the application itself (System Settings > About YetiForce > License) as well at the bottom, as a footer on each webpage.
What if I have a great idea for a new functionality?

That’s great, we would like to hear about it! However, before you send it to us, please check whether no one has already requested it earlier. 
Then, you will be able to support the request and it will be more likely to be fulfilled within a shorter time frame. You can also add your idea on GitHub in Issues tab.

Remember that users often submit their ideas for new YetiForce functionalities. We have absolutely nothing against this practice, although most of these submissions will be ignored. However, it doesn't mean that these ideas are bad. We explain below why adding new features might turn out to be problematic.

1. Number of ideas vs. the reality

The YetiForce team has been dealing with Vtiger [in the past] and YetiForce [currently] for many years. Being familiar with the system and working with it makes us aware of all the elements that can be improved. Every member of the team has at least a couple of ideas daily how to change the system, and that's truly amazing! The situation is similar when it comes to the community - the more they get to know the system, the more they understand the system, and as a result the better their ideas are. In practice this means that if we made a list of all the ideas related to YetiForce's development, we'd add hundreds of ideas weekly.
The reality is that we have limited human resources to implement new features. The changes ordered by our clients are our priority, because they are the reason why YetiForce is so versatile and develops so quickly.

2. Who can add new features? 

Sometimes the community tends to forget about the key feature of YetiForce - namely about the fact that it's an open source system. Every company and every user can contribute to the system's development in several different ways, for example by adding new features. We have to remember that working together allows us to achieve much more than working independently. If our team doesn't have enough time to add a certain feature right away, then each and every single one of you can either write it, or order it from any other company, and send to us.

3. Ignored ideas

Rejecting an idea that was submitted to our GitHub repository doesn't mean that this particular idea is bad. It only means that we don't have enough time to take care of it. To keep order in our repository we don't want the rejected ideas to stay opened, instead we will label them as: 

  • Category::Enhancement
  • Category::Ignored

All of these ideas can be reviewed in our GitHub repository at any time, and - if possible - implemented later on.

Is YetiForce the right CRM system for my company?
Every company is special and has different business needs. YetiForce was created in such a way that it fulfills most of these needs and thanks to the fact that it’s open source it might be adjusted anytime to individual requirements of your company. Our product is mainly designated for small and medium-sized companies, but it is also popular among larger organizations. 
How many users can use YetiForce at the same time?
The only restrictions are on the side of your server; YetiForce doesn’t limit the number of users.
Does YetiForce Public License v3 allow me to remove or add functionalities?
Yes, our license allows you to freely remove all the functionalities you don’t need, and add new ones that you require. You can even add a functionality released under your own license.
Do you have a mailing list that I could subscribe to?
All the information about the development of our system can be found on our GitHub repository and Twitter.