Comprehensive implementation
of the YETIFORCE system

We offer comprehensive YetiForce implementations for customers who want a system that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the company and its employees.

Our specialists will design and then implement even the most complex business processes in your system. After completing this work, we will conduct YetiForce training for your team, so that each person can smoothly use the system's capabilities while performing their daily duties.

The YetiForce system is extremely flexible and allows you to customoze almost every element and mechanism to fit the needs of the company that uses it. By choosing comprehensive implementation, you can be sure that all your requirements and business processes will be reflected in the functionality of the system. 

Don't change for the system!
Change the system to one that adapts to your expectations.

Implementations step-by-step

Collecting business requirements

Our team of business analysts will analyze your needs and together with you will develop a set of business requirements for implementing YetiForce in your company.
We will take into account the current and planned size of your company, business characteristics and budget to best adapt the implementation to your needs.

Presentation of the offer and formal issues

Based on the information collected, we will present you our proposal for implementing and adapting YetiForce in your company.
In case you have any comments, we will introduce them to our offer, and then we will be able to sign a contract that will define the scope of the project and additional services, for example monthly support and workshops.

Implementation: customization, testing, optimization

Our team of qualified programmers with many years of experience in creating and modifying YetiForce will take care of your implementation.
After completing their work, we will provide you with access to an environment where you will be able to test the system we have prepared for you and send us your comments.

Your implementation will be supervised at all times by a dedicated project manager, who will gather all your comments on an ongoing basis.


We will provide training in the use of the YetiForce system for your company's employees, and training in system administration for you and your IT team.
The training will be personalized and adapted to the modifications introduced into your system. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and prepare additional instructions if necessary.

Maintenence and ongoing support

Our programmers will solve problems and fix any errors, as well as answer your questions on an ongoing basis.
We will also update your system when a new version is released to ensure that all modifications made for you work properly.

 Even if the signed contract does not specify the level of support after the project is completed, you can always take advantage of our technical support offer.

Expand the system by additional features

If you identify the need to introduce additional changes or create new functionalities after using the YetiForce system for some time, our programmers will create all the necessary modifications so that they function flawlessly with the previously introduced changes.

Models of cooperation with YetiForce

In addition to the cooperation models listed below, we are also open to your suggestions - we can adapt the models to the internal processes in your company.

Classic model of cooperation

recommended for small and medium-sized companies

After reviewing the list of requirements provided by the client, the YetiForce team will:

  • implement the system and adapt it to the client's needs.
  • help define detailed business requirements and conduct workshops and training for the client's team.
  • implement the project in accordance with the methodologies adopted by the client (waterfall or agile methodologies).
  • carry out the project in the "fixed-price" or "time and material" model depending on the client's preferences and cooperation methodology.

Model extended by the "Discovery" project

recommended for large enterprises

The classic model extended by an initial several-week "Discovery" project aimed at:

  • Understanding the architecture of system solutions (as-is).
  • Analysis of areas requiring efficiency improvement / new system solutions.
  • Analysis of current processes vs. market best practices.
  • Creation of an initial architecture/business process map (to-be).
  • Confirmation of the business case and in particular the expected profitability / KPI improvement of the target project.

Fill out the form and see how implementing the YetiForce system will improve the operation of your company!


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