YetiForce Automatic Assignment is available for YetiForce CRM version 6.3 and later

YetiForce Automatic Assignment

YetiForce Automatic Assignment is a functionality that allows you to automatically assign records to system users.

In companies with different departments, there is always a need to forward / assign a record to specific people based on certain criteria. Whether it's a support team where new tickets are assigned to a team (such as: Technical Support, Customer Support, Sales Support, etc.) or a lead-based sales team to serve potential customers or supplier service.

In most cases, records are assigned manually by department managers. The YetiForce Automatic Assignment functionality enables the automation of these processes.

  • vast variety of configuration options
  • selection methods:  Load Balancing, Round Robin
per month
for ≤20 users
per month
for 21 - 50 users
per month
for 51 -  250 users
per month
for 251 - 1000 users
per month
for >1000 users

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Everything you need to know about YetiForce Automatic Assignment

» Where can I enable the YetiForce Automatic Assignment functionality?

The functionality is available in all YetiForce user modules.
The addon might not work in modules made by companies that are not authorized YetiForce partners.