Learn about the most essential
YetiForce features
All YetiForce’s features were meticulously designed to complement each other. We believe that well-designed software cannot be hard to use and complicated, which is why our functionalities are very intuitive and user friendly. We want YetiForce to adapt to the user - not the other way round.
The way YetiForce develops is mainly shaped by our clients. Each new feature ordered by the client, after undergoing a series of strict tests, is added to the system and is made available for everyone for free.

Widgets and module summaries can be placed on the dashboard to present all the processes in a graphical way. They help you make crucial decisions by presenting relevant data analyses on one screen. The list of preset widgets includes history, time control, calendar, tickets, leads, and many more.

No other CRM system offers as rich choice of widgets and as many additional options as YetiForce. Flexibility of the system allows for infinite possibilities. Thanks to functions available in the administrator’s panel you can not only decide which widgets are visible to which users, but you can also create widgets with filters.

The advanced widget management system allows users to access the most vital information, and with one click delivers the most up to date information to specific teams.


The Calendar module is used to plan and manage all your business activities. It was developed with special attention to meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals. It is equipped with all the functions that are needed for effective time management as well as human resources.

Thanks to tools that are available in the admin panel, this module can be also customized to user’s needs. There is a function that allows coloring entries, so event types, users, groups or modules can be easily distinguished.

YetiForce’s Calendar can be viewed as a month, week or day, so tasks and events are presented in a transparent manner. It is also possible to delegate tasks to particular users or groups and a shared calendar allows viewing tasks scheduled for other users. Calendar can also be displayed as a records list.

Companies and Contacts
This functionality consists of 6 modules:
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Partners
  • Vendors
  • Competition
  • Contacts

and they gather key information about individuals or companies you cooperate with. This is one of the basic and most important functionalities in the system and these modules should be the first to be filled in when you start working with YetiForce.

Leads are potential customers and if a contact with a Lead turns out to be successful, it can be converted into an Account (after changing to appropriate status). Every Account can be related to almost any module in the system and one Account can be handled by various employees, which significantly influences efficiency and allows them to focus more on customers and their needs.


YetiForce has a built-in e-mail module, so you can send and receive e-mails directly to your system. This guarantees high security and ensures that all your e-mails are completely confidential.

E-mails can be easily related to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Partners or Competitors as well as to various processes and subprocesses, so in a record’s preview you are able to see all e-mails related to it. There is also a feature that allows you to switch mailboxes and it helps, for example, support staff to handle their own mailbox as well as a corporate support mailbox.

The system also offers a possibility to label emails with particular colors, so when a user looks at it, he knows at a glance whether it is a private or corporate e-mail, or whether he can take care of it later.


This functionality consists of 9 modules:

  • Opportunities
  • Sales enquiries
  • Sales requirements
  • Calculations
  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Recurring Sales Orders
  • Vendor Enquiries
  • Price Books

These modules help you to control the sales process from the beginning to the end. It begins with an Opportunity that can end either with success and conversion to a Sales enquiry or with failure. The YetiForce system guides a user through subsequent stages, so nothing diverts your attention and you stop losing and start gaining.

Widgets from Dashboard also play an important role in the sales process. They can reflect data from the system in a form of graphs and you can easily, for example, compare sales for individual users or particular months.