Monday, 11 June 2018 16:22

What is CRM?

You need a strategy to run your business if you want your company to survive in the market. However, in order to implement the strategy effectively, tools are necessary to help stick to the plan. These tools include CRM systems. CRMs have been accompanying businesses since the 80’s of the last century, but they became more popular in the 90's. Interestingly, at the beginning they only had to organize information about customers, it was simply a digitized version of a business card case. Over time, they have evolved into the form we know today - systems for comprehensive customer relationship management. Find out exactly what CRM is and how you can use it in your organization.

Friday, 20 April 2018 11:40

Do you need CRM?


Every business relies on some software from the very beginning. Most entrepreneurs don’t start by finding the “one and only” CRM system that will help to maintain order in documents and information about a given customer. This is understandable because CRM at first glance doesn’t appear to be an essential tool for everyday work, even for the largest businesses. However, this is an approach that results in clutter in the information about customers and may have a negative effect on their service. Aren’t you convinced yet whether your company needs a CRM system? Below you will find the most important information about these systems, so learn more and make your own decision.

Thursday, 29 March 2018 11:24

Why should you be using graphs?

charts leads yetiforce

We recently improved the appearance and general performance of charts in YetiForce. We would like to show you the benefits of using charts and graphs when presenting data about the contacts in your CRM. 

There’s a large variety of CRM vendors on the market right now. Each of them has a different approach to creating their software and it’s mostly based on the actual potential of the company, both technical and personal. I assume that every single vendor would love to say how ideal their product is, and how many tests it has undergone. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the reality is not always as picture-perfect as we would like it to be.

As an example, I could enumerate the IT leaders, such as Microsoft, Google, or Facebook, who provide detailed and elaborate documentation for all the modifications they introduce, and a complete set of instructions for implementing their software. Today, however, I’m going to focus on what I know best - open source CRMs.

Three years ago, we decided (together with a group of people) to create our own product that would not only be open but also unique and exceptional in our market. In fact, we started building the product for the Polish market, as well as for companies around the world, and that meant competing with companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SugarCRM, and thousands of other companies with far larger budgets for marketing than we had for the entire company!

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