You can have an unlimited number of users in our cloud based on state-of-the-art servers that use Intel® Optane™ technology, among others, for production databases. You will also receive full support for the system to help you configure, manage and adjust the system using the built-in configuration panel. In addition to the production version, we can create test and development versions that will allow you to make changes to the system more securely.

Support is provided in English and Polish.

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Find out more about the packages and pick the ideal plan for your company.



net per month

CPU: 1x 3.7 GHz

RAM: 8 GB 

Drives: 888 GB: 

  • ✓ NVME 8GB (DB)
  • ✓ SSD 80GB (OS + APP)
  • ✓ SAS 120GB (files)
  • ✓ SAS 680GB (backup)

Support: 1h

Recommended for
~20 users online.




net per month

CPU: 2x 3.7 GHz

RAM: 16 GB

Drives: 1776 GB:

  • ✓ NVME 16GB (DB)
  • ✓ SSD 160GB (OS + APP)
  • ✓ SAS  240GB (files)
  • ✓ SAS 1360GB (backup)

Support: 2h

Recommended for 
~50 users online.




net per month

CPU: 4x 3.7 GHz

RAM: 32 GB

Drives: 3552 GB:

  • ✓ NVME 32GB (DB)
  • ✓ SSD 320GB (OS + APP)
  • ✓ SAS 480GB (files)
  • ✓ SAS 2720GB (backup)

Support: 4h

Recommended for
~100 users online.




net per month

CPU: 8x 3.7 GHz

RAM: 64 GB

Drives: 7104 GB:

  • ✓ NVME 64GB (DB)
  • ✓ SSD 640GB (OS+APP)
  • ✓ SAS 960GB (files)
  • ✓ SAS 5440GB (backup)

Support: 8h

Recommended for
~250 users online.




net per month

CPU: 16x 3.7 GHz

RAM: 128 GB

Drives: 14208 GB:

  • ✓ NVME 128GB (DB)
  • ✓ SSD 1280GB (OS+APP)
  • ✓ SAS 1920GB (files)
  • ✓ SAS 10880GB(backup)

Support: 16h

Reccomended for
~500 users online.


The prices shown are net prices. The purchase prices include 23% VAT.
If you're eligible for tax deduction, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a purchase without VAT. 


» Is there really no user limit?

All servers in the YetiForce Cloud [VPS] offer are machines with dedicated resources [CPU, RAM, disks], which are dedicated entirely to your company. In practice, this means that we do not limit the application in any way and you can have as many users as you want in the CRM. However, keep in mind that the machine is limited by its resources, which means you can have a million users in your system, but the micro VPS tier might start to slow down if too many users are online at the same time. To sum up: the only limitation is the server resources, which, if overloaded, will cause the system to slow down.

» Is the infrastructure and software updated?

Our engineering team takes care of updates on each layer. We update the software used for the virtualization on an ongoing basis, and each VPS has an updated operating system and all applications. When it comes to the YetiForce system updates, we schedule them with the client, then we perform the update in the test environment first, and after we receive the client's approval, we perform it again in the production environment. As a standard, we make about 4 large updates a year and a dozen or so smaller patches, which most often introduce security fixes or solve major errors in the operation of the system.

We offer free YetiForce updates only for unmodified systems. 
If your YetiForce installation has its own modifications (changes in the source code or installed custom modules), then the update is subject to a separate price estimation.

Keep in mind that we only host the latest and penultimate versions of the system in our infrastructure in. If the customer wants to use an older version of the system, they must switch it to their own infrastructures.

» How often are backups done?

Backups are performed daily and the backup archiving mechanism is multi-layered. By default, the system performs backups of the database and the YetiForce application on the operating system layer and stores them locally. Then the backups are sent to a dedicated backup server (each node in the cluster has an independent backup server). Additionally, a full backup of the entire VPS is performed once every 7/14 days. This backup is performed on the virtualization layer and the frequency of the entire VPS backup depends on its size. Additionally, some customers upload full application backups to their own infrastructure daily.

We recommend that customers send backups to their own infrastructure.

» Can I get access to the backups?

You can access your backups directly from the CRM (Software configuration → System tools → Backup Manager). Clients should also configure a script that will upload backups directly from our infrastructure to the client's server. Additionally, you can buy the access to the server via SSH, then you can log onto the server and download all data from it, including backups. If you need a one-time backup we can provide it free of charge.

» Can I change my subscription plan to a higher or a lower one?

We have built a modern cloud, which means that the size change takes place dynamically (e.g. increasing the processor, memory, disks), however, we always verify these changes manually because we optimize the application configuration (if we change the memory for the server, then the cache for the database should change as well). Changing from one plan to another takes us up to 1 hour and we schedule the date and time together with the client.

» What happens to my system when I cancel the subscription?

If you unsubscribe from our VPS service the server will be shut down after your subscription period ends and subsequently deleted after 7 days. All backups will be deleted at the end of the cycle (usually 30 days). Before the server expires, you can ask us for your backup and we will send it for free if the server is active (if the server is already disabled it is a paid service)

» What payment methods are available?

You can purchase services directly from our website in the form of a subscription, but if you prefer another form, eg bank transfer or Paypal payment request, please get in touch with us and we will send you the relevant documents or links.

» Can I access the system files?

For a small fee (35 €) you can be granted access to the server (operating system). Keep in mind that you can always get a full copy of the system from us free of charge.

In case you have modified the system code, the updates are subject to individual pricing. 

» Can I get a discount?

The following discounts apply for the YetiForce Cloud [VPS] service:
● purchase 6 months – get 1 month for free 
● purchase 12 months – get 2 months for free
● purchase 24 months – get 5 months for free

If you are interested in purchasing a 12 or 15 month subscription please send us an email.

» Do the support hours expire?

The support hours included in the YetiForce Cloud packages are only valid for a month and can't be carried over to the following month.


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