YetiForce Support

We offer our clients an hourly method of accounting for the works entrusted to us. It’s a proven and extremely flexible model that allows us to begin the implementation of even the most demanding tasks within 3 working days. Thanks to this model's simplicity, the Customer can decide what and when needs to be performed by the assigned team of our specialists. In addition, Customers can track the progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at the same time maintain full control over their budget.

Examples of tasks that can be performed within the support packages:

  • Comprehensive implementation of YetiForce software in a company;
  • Customization of the existing modules, functionalities and other solutions or the creation of new ones in compliance with the Customer’s business needs;
  • Integration of YetiForce with any external tool used in a company (the system has a built-in API);
  • Update of a customized (modified) YetiForce version to a newer one;
  • Bug fixes for errors caused by incorrect system configuration;
  • Migration from other CRM software to YetiForce;
  • Training for users and administrators on the operation and management of the YetiForce system.

The following package prices and hourly rates apply when payment is made prior to any programming work.
If you would like to work with us in the project model (payments are made after the completion of particular tasks), then a framework agreement must be signed with us and the rate per working hour is fixed (regardless of the number of hours purchased within the contract) and costs €62 gross.

If you are interested in purchasing a different amount of support hours please contact us at

5 H
1 working hour costs €62 gross
10 H
1 working hour costs €60 gross
25 H
1 working hour costs €58 gross
50 H
1 working hour costs €56 gross
100 H
1 working hour costs €54 gross
250 H
1 working hour costs €52 gross
500 H
1 working hour costs €50 gross

All prices include 23% VAT.
If you're eligible for tax deduction please send an email to to make a purchase without VAT. 

Everything you need to know about YetiForce Support

» Do the support hours expire?

The support hours are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.