YetiForce Help

Basic support for the system administrator (email, video, tutorials)

The YetiForce Help package is intended for customers who have their own server or use third-party hosting services, but would like to benefit from the support of YetiForce CRM developers.
Our system is very extensive - it includes 80+ user modules, 80+ configuration panels, and 30+ tools, therefore understanding all of them requires time and a lot of experience. This is why our users and administrators often seek help in understanding how the system works, or how to configure certain functionalities. To meet these expectations, we have created the YetiForce Help package, which is a great alternative to the free support we offer on GitHub. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to purchase a predefined number of support hours or requests each month, which will be treated as a priority by our developers.

The packages include:

  • User-level email support
  • Administrator-level email support
1 H
The package includes 1 man-hour of support per month.
2 H
The package includes 2 man-hours of support per month.
5 H
The package includes 5 man-hours of support per month.
10 H
The package includes 10 man-hours of support per month.
20 H
The package includes 20 man-hours of support per month.
  • Currently we only provide support in Polish and English
  • Support hours can be converted to tickets (1 h = 2 tickets)

NOTE: Email tickets apply only to basic support, if you need support regarding advanced system capabilities, e.g. creating new modules, automating processes, or if your system has been modified by a developer, then we recommend purchasing the YetiForce Development package.

Everything you need to know about YetiForce Help

  1. The support hours purchased within the subscription of the YetiForce Help packages are valid until the next billing period for a given package begins.
  2. The support hours purchased within a one-time purchase of the YetiForce Help package are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.